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Cambridgeshire Garden

Designed by Colm Joseph. Gadd Brothers will begin construction in early 2020.

This design aims to create a modern ‘English landscape garden’ for a client in the Fens of Cambridgeshire. Our landscape design complements striking new modern architecture designed by award-winning architects shedkm. Construction of this garden will begin in 2020.

With a nod to Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown, who is buried in the county, this design offers a modern interpretation of the English landscape garden. In doing so, the following principles are explored:

  • The wider landscape is celebrated and brought into the garden.
  • Eye catching views and sweeping vistas are orchestrated throughout. Views are concealed and revealed to create a sense of journey, anticipation and drama.
  • Transitions between house, garden and landscape are integrated and seamless.
  • Formality and informality contrast and interplay in the hard and soft landscaping. Regimented symmetry and linear vistas within and around the house gives way to nature’s asymmetry and unfolding landscape.
  • A sense of place is emphasised and celebrated throughout.

These principles are applied in an imaginative way, with a contemporary eye and modern palette of materials.

The design is highly site-sensitive, responding to the character and context of the place. Limestone and water are used to connect to the wider landscape. The water ‘carves’ through the hardscape, echoing the shaping of the Fens. The same theme is explored in the design of sculptural corten steel screens used to divide and shape space along paths.

Native hedgerows disguise boundaries to integrate garden with landscape. An innovative rose meadow creates a visual link to the arable fields of the Cambridgeshire countryside.

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