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Stump Grinding & Treatment in Bury St Edmunds & Suffolk

Removing unsightly and dangerous tree stumps is the final stage of tree removal. Using specialist equipment, we can remove these stumps quickly and efficiently.

When a tree has been felled, a stump is left above the ground. This is unsightly, a trip hazard and needs to be removed prior to replanting or building. Using specialist equipment, we’ll remove the stump and upper section of the root ball, allowing the ground to be re-turfed.

From small grinders to larger diesel powered machines, we can remove stumps from most domestic homes with minimal impact on the surrounding garden. The hole that is left is backfilled with the soil and the grindings themselves, which quickly put nutrients back into the ground. Any remaining grindings are removed from the site, leaving a level surface.

Why remove tree stumps?

By leaving a stump, you risk re-growth or suckering, damaging lawn mowers and attracting insects to the rotting wood. Roots may also continue to grow, damaging the surrounding infrastructure, such as paths, pipework and foundations.

Removing the stump effectively kills the tree, reducing these negative effects, as well as stopping the spread of diseases, such as Honey fungus.

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